December 2012:

Speech at Prakticums award ceremony
as Scandinavia's first environmentally certified hairdressing school.

12.12.2012, Member of the Green Salon board, Scandinavia.

"Today is a day to remember!
It's not because that today is the 12th day of the 12th month at the 12th year. Instead it is because, today, brave teachers at the hairdressing school ‘Praktikum’ have placed the school in the center of events! Today you have written in history! Not only environmental history but also history of hairdressing.

Today you were the first hairdressing school in Scandinavia – and in the whole world – who has dared to let your school be examined of an economically and politically independent scrutiny – according to the Safe Hair Salon Rules and Green Salon Rules. You have met the demands of the only Scandinavian control scheme on hairdressing schools! You are indeed 'first movers'!

Today, you made the first and hardest step for your branch - and have thus shown the way for other schools and hairdressers in the rest of Scandinavia, that it is possible to convert a hairdressing schools curriculum, thinking and treatments. A transition away from harmful chemical working conditions, towards scientifically proven cleaner products and a improving cleaner working environment.

The first step is always the hardest! You have fought as "David against Goliath" in a branch that is dominated by traditional thinking and "big business". Big chemical companies have for decades been used to control school’s and hairdressers' knowledge or ignorance of the many scientific proofs of the many and very harmful substances in the cosmetic products.

Today a hairdresser on average only last 8½ years in the trade and the weakest stops already within the first 2 years of school! Through lobbying at the process of the EU legislation on cosmetics – the chemical industry have been opposed to that schools and hairdressers would find out that there is another way for future generations of hairdressers.

There is another way than using harmful chemicals! The Green Salons have also proved that it is possible for allergic hairdressers to work in this business just by avoiding the worst chemicals in cosmetics. 80% of allergic hair dressers claim in a Nordic survey from 2011 that they have got rid of their allergies after becoming a certified Green Hair dresser.

You are not alone! You are a part of a larger movement in Scandinavia!

Today, we, in the Safe Hair Salon, Green Salon board and the Green Salons in the other Scandinavian countries, are looking towards Helsinki and we are proud of you!

The leader of the Green Salon - chemist Johan Galster from The Municipality of Copenhagen’s department for Green business, say: "Thank you for a very good cooperation. You have worked hard to achieve these good results. You are brave and will inspire other hairdressing schools in Scandinavia by your good example. We are proud of your achievements and will soon tell about you in the Green Salon newsletter, which is received by hairdressers, schools, authorities and product sellers all over Scandinavia. We will seek to support your work and hope for a continued good cooperation." Says Johan Galster.

Many people have prejudices towards greener products because they believe that one can not be a creative hairdresser while avoiding the most harmful substances!

The Greens Salons in Scandinavia have fore long shown, that a hairdresser who in person is an artist and also a good craftsman, can be 114% creative without using the most harmful components! It is also possible to obtain any type of treatments that does not contain the most harmful substances!

Today, hairdressing students at Prakticum, only used treatments which are accepted in Green Salon and Safe Hair Salon. Today, you have proven that all prejudices on Green Cosmetics are false.

Today is a day where Finland and Practicum is part of the action! Today is a day where there is hope for, that the next generation of hairdressers will be able to achieve better chemical working conditions, than the current generation.

Today is a day to remember!"


Oktober 2012: Grön Frisör Praktisk kurs

Grön Frisör och det private företag 'Green Generation' (Greengeneration.dk) har kommet överens om ett formellt samarbete i de nordiska länderna. Grøn Salon gör teoretiska Grön Frisör kurser (diplom) och miljöcertifierer salonger, som hittills, men företaget Green Generation gör Grøn Salon / Grön Frisörs praktiska kurser (hårfärger, Grön Salong produkter och livet om Grön Salong).
Ytterligare information hos Green Generation: Jesper Monrad 0045 33 22 23 21 (danska, english). http://greengeneration.dk/kursus_files/program_kursus3_online.pdf.

Oktober 2012: Grön Salong i Finland
De första salonger i Finnland blir certifierade i oktober 2012, när kemist och ordförande för Grøn Salon i Scandinavien, Johan Galster från Københavns kommun, gör teoretisk Grön Salong kurs i Helsinki och certifierar de första salonger i Finnland. Grön Salong i Finland är Grøn Salon från Danmark och använder Grøn Salon (Grön Salong) logga med huset. Grøn Salon från Danmark gör de Teoretiska-Grön-Salong kurser med diplom och möjlighet att få salongen certifierad efteråt och Grøn Salon samarbejtspartner gör Grön Salong praktiska kurser. Därmed finns Grøn Salon certifieringssystemet i alla de Scandinaviska länderna (Island, Färörna, Norge, Sverige, Finland och Danmark).
Ytterligare information hos ordförande för Skandinavien, kemist Johan Galster från Köpenhamns kommun: 0045 26300648 (danska, english).
Maj 2012: Grön Salong frisörskola i Finland
Grön Frisör / Grøn Salon har i samarbeta med frisörskolan Prakticum i Helsingfors etablerad den första frisörskola, som ger kurser i Grön Salong (arbetsmiljö, produkter och ämnen). En dag varje vecka ger eleverna behandling enligt Grøn Salons principper.
I Danmark har frisörskolan 'CPH West' i flera år haft en frisörlinie, som utbilder frisörerna till enbart att ge behandlinger med produkter, som är accepterade av Grøn Salon. Den danska frisörskola får stöd av frisörfackförbundet DFKF.
 Danmark finns det lagstiftning på att alla frisörskoler (offentliga och privata) måske ytbillda frisöreleverne inom arbetsmiljö, hälsorisker med frisörprodukter och gröna alternativ (t.ex. Grön Frisörs rekommenderade produkter).
Ytterligare information hos ordförande för Skandinavien, kemist Johan Galster från Köpenhamns kommun: 0045 26300648 (danska, english).
Johan Galster | Thorsager 4, Hedehusene - Danmark | Tel:: 26300648 | johan@galster.dk